Reaching Sunday’s RFU Intermediate Cup final at Twickenham has been an achievement for all the teammates at Trowbridge, but it has an extra significance for four of the team’s oldest friends.

Four members of the current team first played together for the club’s under-8s, and despite new jobs and university separating them, they are all looking forward to lining up together at Twickenham.

Right wing James MacFarlane, 20, plays for the team while studying sports coaching in Cardiff.

He said: “It’s good to come back to see your old friends at the weekend, then go back to concentrate on work in the week.

“It’s surreal really, to get into a final with some of the mates you have grown up and played rugby with all your life. We never would have thought of it at the start of the year. “

Fellow student James Davies travels back home to Hilperton from Portsmouth every weekend, and fits training in around the first year of his geography degree.

“They are my best friends and it’s great to play alongside them for the games, but also for the socials afterwards," he said.

“My parents are good friends with James MacFarlane and Tom Weaver’s parents as well, so it’s great for them to all keep in contact through the club.”

Bath-based sales consultant Tom Weaver, 19, also lives in Hilperton. He said: “The new club is perfect for me, as it’s within walking distance after a heavy night.

“As well as this final it was great that we all got selected to represent Dorset and Wilts under-20s this year, so to run out with James, James and Tom and get representative honours for that was a great moment.”

Open-side flanker Tom Coombes lives in Westbury, where he works for the MOD.

He said: “Some of the boys have gone to different colleges and moved away but we all still come back to Trowbridge.

“We have all developed together, which helps on the pitch. I know Tom has got quick hands, and James and James are both very fast guys.

“I’m quite proud that we’ve all come through the ranks together.”