Blizzard has revealed that watching the Overwatch League on Twitch for the rest of the first season will net viewers some free in game skins.

The first step to getting some free in game skins is to link your Blizzard account to your Twitch account, which is a fairly straightforward process providing you can remember your passwords. Once you have done that you just have to sit back, watch the competition while signed into Twitch and enjoy the free loot.

Every map that you watch live will net you one league token, the in game currency used for buying the skins of your favorite Overwatch League team. Although you have to see the end of the map to be credited with the token.

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Each Overwatch League skin will set you back 100 league tokens, which means you will have to watch 100 maps in order to afford just one skin. With three matches a day and a minimum of four maps per match you would have to watch eight full days of competition to get a skin, although that is with the assumption that at least four matches go to game five.

Fortunately Blizzard and Twitch have come up with a solution to having to watch a lot of the OWL to get a free skin. At the end of the last map of every match a number of viewers will be randomly selected to receive 100 league tokens, enough for one free skin. There is of course the chance you will never be one of the lucky few, but this should mean you don’t have to watch every single match to get a free skin or two.

Along with the free league tokens Twitch is also rolling out cheering rewards. Fans will be able to cheer with bits in the chat, which is basically an internal version of donations, and get some free emotes to use on Twitch. Once enough bits have been used on the OWL chanel Blizzard will also release new Overwatch League skins in game.

Twitch also teased that more in game items and exclusive behind the scenes video content will soon be coming to the platform.