Elise Christie has written of her gratitude at the support she has received after failing to claim the Olympic medal she craves.

The short track speedskater was disqualified from the 1000m on Tuesday night while competing with an ankle injury which would ordinarily require six weeks of rehabilitation.

She wrote on Twitter: “I wasn’t ready to let go, the reality was that with my ankle the way it was medalling was so unlikely, but my heart held on to that little bit of hope.

“I wanted to inspire people to never give up.

“I’m sorry it didn’t end the way we all hoped and I’m thankful for every message of support and every person that’s taken time out to tell me I’ve inspired them.”

Despite a second successive Winter Olympics ending with crushing disappointment and no medals, Christie has already vowed to have a fourth shot at the Games in Beijing in four years’ time.

She made her Olympics debut in Vancouver in 2010, came up empty-handed in Sochi four years later, and has now endured the same fate in Pyeongchang but remains undeterred.