THERE are moments in life when something suddenly dawns on you. Maybe it was staring you straight in the face but, eventually, you realise what’s going on.

That happened to me at the final whistle on Saturday at the County Ground.

When relegation to League Two was confirmed last season, I knew the standard of football on offer would be different, it just never occurred to me how different until Town’s 1-0 home win over Wycombe.

After Harry Smith’s superb goal put Swindon ahead it seemed Town would press on and put the game to bed, but it never happened.

Midway through the second half, Wycombe looked a beaten side, offering no real threat with our centre backs cleaning up any potential attacks.

This should have been the time to introduce players like Kellan Gordon or Paul Mullin into the action to try and kill off the game, but instead Town ambled on through a desperately poor match offering very little going forward.

That’s when the penny dropped.

David Flitcroft was happy with what’s going on, it doesn’t matter that we could wrap this game up sooner, we’re winning, so don’t change anything.

To all those people tutting to themselves thinking it doesn’t matter how we play, as long as we win games, I totally agree we have to get out of this division as soon as possible, but it’s possible this season, with this squad, to win games whilst being defensively aware and put on some form of entertainment.

Maybe I’m judging the start of the Flitcroft era at Swindon far too harshly. Hopefully this current style will change and there will be a time when I leave a game at the County Ground entertained after a convincing Town victory.

The biggest highlight of last Saturday’s match was the performance of defender Matt Preston. Since his arrival, it’s amazing to see the difference he’s made in such a short time.

Signing Preston on a free transfer has been a stroke of genius, as we look much better at the back compared to the mess we saw in the first couple of months.