EVERYBODY is talking about Leicester City winning the Premier League.

I think it’s hard to compare cricket and football because there’s so much more money involved in football, even when you think about international cricket, but it does show what can happen when you have a squad that sticks together and all pull in the same direction.

In sport, if you’ve got a squad of people that all buy into what the club are trying to do, it is possible to achieve anything.

By the time you read this, we’ll probably have drawn against Middlesex in our third game of the season and that won’t be a bad result at all for us.

We’ve probably started off against two of the toughest teams in the division in Warwickshire and Yorkshire, and Middlesex are a good side too, so three draws from those three games is pretty good.

At the moment, we’re just trying to get through this period because all of sudden, we’ve got seven or eight players out and a few with pretty serious injuries too.

We’re the walking wounded at the moment but sometimes you end up in a situations like that and that’s why it’s a squad game.

We should have Reece Topley and Gareth Berg back by the end of the month, and that should be a bit of a boost for us – it won’t be long until we start getting everyone back.

Because of the situation, I’ve been tempted to try and come back from my (abdominal muscle) injury as soon as possible but I can’t do that because it’s important that I’m not suffering and missing games later in the summer.

I tried bowling in the warm-up of the first day of the Middlesex game (on Sunday) but I still didn’t feel right.

So we decided it was best that I just batted again - it’s more of a stiffness rather than pain when I do that, so it’s manageable.

You know your own body but you obviously listen to the physios and coaches because they know what’s best for you.

I want to try and be right for Old Trafford (against Lancashire) at the weekend – if I’m picked to bowl – so I’ll try and bowl again on Friday.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be fit to do that.