I WASN’T really expecting to be back at Hampshire so soon but that’s what’s happened.

The director of cricket from Hampshire (Giles White) called me and said ‘we’re taking you back’ and that was the end of it. I’m just worrying about my own cricket.

I’ll be playing in the four-day and 50-over competitions for Hampshire but I’ll still be playing for Essex in the T20 – I’m heading back to Chelmsford after the game against Durham this week so that I can play in the T20 match against Kent on Friday.

If we win that one on Friday, then we’ll be through to the quarter-finals and I think that I should be allowed to carry on playing for Essex.

But if Hampshire get there too, then I obviously wouldn’t be able to play against them, which is fair enough. There’s no point in worry about that at the moment though and we’ll just deal with it if it happens.

Being at Essex has been refreshing. They were good to me in sorting me out somewhere to stay and I’ve carried on staying there for the time being.

It has been interesting to see how different things are at the two clubs.

I’d say that the structure at Essex is a lot smaller than at Hampshire – they have a smaller ground and sell out every game with 6,000-odd people, whilst Hampshire do things a bit differently.

But to be honest, how clubs are run isn’t really anything for me to worry about. I just concentrate on the cricketing side of things and even though they’re different teams, the warm-ups and the games are the same.

I feel that I bowled quite well against Durham this week but by the time you read this, I have no idea what kind of result we’ll have had but hopefully it’s a good one.

I played for Goatacre last Saturday and got a century (103), which is nice, but it doesn’t really mean a lot in terms of scoring runs in county cricket.

They’ve got a big game this Sunday in the National Village Cup (away to Roche) – they’re going well in the competition and they’ve got to make sure that they keep doing what they have been doing to get there.

If they do that, they can go there and win.