DISCIPLINE has been a talking point in the last week after Hampshire were fined £4,000 and handed a suspended points deduction for a breach by the players.

Cricket is very different to a sport like football when it comes to these kind of issues. You have to respect the decision a lot more in cricket but if you keep getting bad decisions, you are going to blow up at some stage.

People are going to show their frustration at getting out and there have been some poor decisions to be fair and the lads are going to get frustrated.

We have had a few bad decisions and have been told that the dissent is not acceptable, so we have got to get on with it.

We don’t want to be deducted points but, on the flip side, the umpires have got to get decisions right - that is what they are paid to do.

The level of umpiring is pretty good. It is a lot better than at club cricket because they are employed to do it day in, day out.

The majority are very good and I think umpires go in and out of form, like players, and it is a massive confidence job.

It was obviously frustrating being out of the team, but I can understand that because and you have just got to get on with it.

You can’t go and moan about it, You have just got to go and do your thing and do as well as you can whenever you play and I have done that.

I have played for a few years now and know I am good enough at this level. That is a massive positive for me. People get dropped in sport. It happened to me, but thankfully I am back in the team now and hopefully I can stay there.

I have batted well the whole year, so it is nothing technical, it is just a case of getting the runs and it is a long season and hopefully by the end of it, I would have had a good one.

Luckily, I am back in the team now and hopefully I can get some runs and put us into a better position than what we are in.

It was nice to bowl some overs this week. I haven’t really bowled much in four-day cricket in the past six games I have played and get a couple of important wickets. I can contribute with runs, wickets and catches, so it is a good way to come back.