I WENT in to see the doctors again on Monday about my groin injury and they’re still talking about July 5 as the date for my first game back.

I had said that I’d like to be back before that and try to play in some second team games but the doctors were adamant that if I try to rush back, I’ll make the injury worse – it’s one of those that you have to be careful with.

I still can’t do any running for about two weeks, so the only cardio I can do is on the bike or light swimming.

Rehab usually only takes a couple of hours, so there isn’t a great deal to do afterwards but the doctors have told me that it’s important to stay positive, which is what I’ve been trying to do.

It is tough when the boys are away though because there isn’t much cricket going on at the ground and I can’t pop into the changing rooms.

I have to spend my time checking the scores online. It’s not so bad when it’s a four-day game because you know what to expect but a one-day game can be nerve-wracking because it can change so quickly.

It’s nothing compared to waiting to bat or waiting to bowl though.

Going in to the third day, the boys were in a tricky position up in Worcestershire and it doesn’t look as though they’ll have won that game.

They got a good score in the first innings and they were looking to bowl us out, get the follow on and do it again.

They would have been backing themselves to do that because they’ve got Saaed Ajmal, who’s an international-class bowler and their trump card.

Whatever has happened, we’re still doing well in the county championship and in the T20 too.

I’ve been watching some of England’s games against Sri Lanka and I felt sorry for Jos Buttler after that run-out in the ODI last week because he’s not the sort of player who would try to cheat by stealing yards.

Looking at the television replays, the amount he moved forward is minimal and I think you’re opening up a can of worms if bowlers are going to be running people out for that in the future.

I think that if someone is clearly cheating by setting off well before the ball is bowled, then bowlers are within their rights, but I think that what happened in that game was wrong – I certainly wouldn’t do it when I was bowling.

Unfortunately for (Sachithra) Senanayake, I think the England boys are going to be fired up now.

When he comes in to bat, the seam bowlers could be sending down a few deliveries a little on the short side.