I FINALLY started my rehab last Friday – it was great to get out of the house and get myself doing some work in the gym.

I’ve been doing some body weight work on the legs, a bit of light cardio and also a bit of work in the pool, just to take the strain off the body a little bit.

Hopefully the physios and the strength and conditioning coach can get me back playing as soon as possible.

I’ve given July 5 as a date for my first game back but I’d like to try and play some second team cricket, two or three weeks before that.

I obviously want to be out there playing right now but getting injured is part of the sport and I’ve just got to do my rehab properly to make sure I come back right.

We won four games from four last week, so it was a very good week for the club.

I was back commentating on the radio on Friday night and watched us pick up another convincing win (against Essex Eagles).

I think we’ve just carried on doing what we’re used to doing in the one-day game because we’ve been successful in the last few years.

But we know that we haven’t played that well in four-day cricket for the last couple of years and I think that the bowling attack has been a lot more disciplined.

Kyle Abbott has come in and had a big impact on our bowling and that’s exactly what you want your overseas player to do.

Our results have got a lot better this season and if we’ve got a win against Derbyshire by the time you read this, then we’ll stay in a really good position in the County Championship.

Going in to day three, we were in a strong position in the game and with the new ball not far around the corner, it was a real opportunity for us to push on and put ourselves in the driving seat.

It is a shame that I haven’t been involved for the last few weeks but we’re playing well and I’m happy that my team-mates are in good form.

I still see myself as an important part of the squad and hopefully I can play a big part when I get myself back from this injury.