IT turns out that my injury is actually a really rare one for a cricketer, so the physios at the club have had to do a bit of research into it.

It’s a strain in the top of my groin. It’s pretty painful in the mornings getting out of bed but walking around isn’t a problem and I don’t have to be off my feet all the time.

I’ve been told to rest it until Friday and it has been feeling a bit better – hopefully I can start my rehab then.

I got to do a bit of commentary for the radio at Sunday’s game (against Middlesex) and I’ve got to say that I really enjoyed it.

I’ve only ever done a few overs here or there before but this time, I was helping out for a full game – it’s quite interesting to see how they put things together for an entire game. I’m going to be doing it again at this Friday’s match (against Essex) and I definitely think that it’s something that I’d be interested in getting involved after cricket, as a way of staying in the game.

It’s nice to be able to do that and the club have also been great to me.

They understand that it can be a bit of a lonely time when you’re out injured, so they’ve said that I’m more than welcome to come along on the bus to any of our games if I want.

I don’t think that I’ll go to every match but it’s nice to have the option because you do miss that team interaction.

We’ve had a really good week – we’ve won three from three.

We’re top of the county championship after that win over Leicestershire and after winning on Friday (against Sussex) and on Sunday, we’ve got back on track in the T20.

I think that we were a bit rusty and that led to that loss against Glamorgan – we’re doing well.