EVERY game is a final now – that’s what we keep getting told at the moment.

We’re in to the real business end of the season, where every game is important, but the good thing for us is that we’re used to being in this situation.

It’s mentally draining but you’ve just got to do everything that you can to be ready to perform because you know that making just one mistake could lead to your team being out of a competition.

We’ve got t20 finals’ day on Saturday and we know all about the intensity of the day and what the atmosphere will be like because we’ve been there for the last four years.

We know all of the little things that come your way and what we’ve got to do to perform.

The quarter-final (against Lancashire) last week was an exciting game and I think that we’re good for the TV cameras because we always seem to produce something like that in front of them.

The wicket was a belter – probably the best t20 wicket I’ve ever played on – and credit has to go to the groundsmen, But I won’t be getting involved if the sprinklers come out again like they did. That was definitely their fault!

To be honest, from a personal point of view, I haven’t been thinking too much about finals’ day because we’re in a great postilion in the YB40 at the moment too.

We’ve had a massive week in that competition and had a great win against Essex on Sunday.

We got a score that really wasn’t good enough but we managed to hold on and defend it, which bodes well for us.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, we’ll have picked up another good result up in Scotland and we’ll be on track to make the semi-finals of another competition.

We’re at home in front of the floodlights tonight against Surrey and, once that game is done, that’s when we can start getting excited about finals’ day.