IT’S been a good winter and a good pre-season the boys at Hampshire and I think that a lot of the guys needed a bit of a break because last season took a lot out of us all.

I guess you'd have to ask me in September if it was a good decision not to go away and play this winter but I think that it's important to have a break from the game sometimes, just so you can recharge.

It’s been good to just chill out and have some time off – I’ve just spent a lot of time relaxing and going to the football to watch the Saints (Southampton).

Then we were back in training in January and had a great time out in Barbados for our tour. We were knocked out of the main T20 competition over there but we won the plate to make sure that we came back with something.

We had a great season last summer and I don’t think that winning both one day competitions will be done again for a long time.

We’d obviously love to defend them both but we know that other teams are going to be coming for us this year and it’s going to be tougher than ever.

We’ve been hard to beat in the one-day competitions but we know that we need to make it harder when we play teams over four days.

You want to be back in Division One and getting promotion would be great but another trophy from one of the one-day competitions would also make it a successful season.

I feel like I've got better every year and I want to carry on cementing myself as a genuine all-rounder. Taking wickets, taking catches and hitting runs is all that I need to be concentrating on.