WILTSHIRE Ladies were victorious in the annual showdown against the county men at North Wilts last Sunday.

The County Women’s Indoor Bowling Association beat Wiltshire Indoor Bowls Association by 28 shots as they ran out 120-92 winners.

The ladies, led by current president Eileen Hawker (Christie Miller), were in charge from the outset and were never troubled, gaining sweet revenge for a couple of recent losses in these showdowns.

WCWIBA made a fast start to lead overall after five ends 26-16 and had greatly increased the advantage to 62-34 at halfway 10 ends).

The women continued to call the tune leading 89-68 at 15ends and 105-80 up at 18 before finally clinching a comfortable 120-92 victory.

Ladies took the honours on four of the six rinks and drew on another.

Jane Taylor’s foursome that included Julia Hunt, Iris Read and Wendy Ivory took top honours with a 14 shot success. They were closely followed Fizz Mace’s quartet who won by a 13-shot margin.

In the battle of the county presidents honours were even with Eileen Hawker in the Ann Roberts-Phare rink drawing 18-18 with men’s president Ashley Ponting’s quartet.


(Wiltshire ladies names first) Rink 1: Judy Hallard (Westlecot), Carol Massey (North Wilts), Lynne Stanford (Five Rivers, Salisbury) & Bev Lilley (Christie Miller) lost to Dave Edmonds, Nigel Curtis (both NW), Denis Holborow (West, dnp) & Maurice Byron (NW) 11-23. Rink 2: June Coyle, Rosemary Fitzpatrick, Jan Tombs (all NW) & Janice Rowe (FR) beat Don French, Ivan Hadlow (both NW), Alan Penfold (West) & Ron Read (NW) 22-11. Rink 3: Marie Greenwood (CM), Val Groves (NW), Janice Bull (FR) & Fizz Mace (NW) beat Steve McPake Andy List, Clive Swift & Miles Pickering (all NW) 22-9. Rink 4: Irene Wood (CM), Eileen Hawker (pres.CM), Sue Pitman & Ann Roberts-Phare (NW) drew with Peter Sanders, Pete Young, Peter West & Ashley Ponting (pres. all NW) 18-18. Rink 5: Jenny McShane, Yvonne Savin (CM), Lyn Brown (NW) & Joan Coleman (FR) beat Dave Longhurst (Swindon Manor), David Greenwood, Bob George (both NW) & Dave Richards (CM) 21-19. Rink 6: Julia Hunt (West), Iris Read, Wendy Ivory & Jane Taylor (all NW) beat Dennis May (West), Brian Mace, Bob Roberts-Phare (both NW) & Martin Salter (West) 26-12.

Score: Wiltshire CWIBA beat Wilts IBA 120-92