NORTH WILTS women are marching on in the top ladies indoor national team competition for the Yetton Trophy (inter-club championship).

Previous winners and losing finalists last season, the Chippenham club's ladies booked their place in this year’s quarter-finals as they thrashed Rivermead IBC (Reading) on Saturday by 42 shots, 85-43.

The first five ends were pretty close but then North Wilts pulled clear to win on all four rinks and whitewash their Berkshire rivals.

They led overall 20-14 after five ends and 43-26 at 10 but then powered into a match-winning 68-32 lead after 15. They moved 79-38 up at 18 before sealing a magnificent 85-43 victory at the allotted 21 ends.

Top rink honours went to the home quartet of Norma Rowden, Barbara Shepheard, Viv Baskerville and Jean Collier (skip) who won by 20 shots. Next best were the away four skipped by Sue Cooke who won by 15 while the other two games were tight Fizz Mace winning at home by four shots and Alex Jacobs by three shots away.

In the quarter-finals to be held on January 20, North Wilts ladies will face top Devon women’s side Torquay United who edged past St Andrews (Weston-Super-Mare) in round five (last 16) 73-68.

The day before the next round of the Yetton Trophy eight of the victorious ladies side: Ann Roberts-Phare, Jane Taylor, Sue Cooke and Alex Jacobs (home) plus Margaret Cooke, Viv Baskerville, Irene Button and Jean Collier (away) will play neighbours Christie Miller in the third round (last 64) of the Mason Trophy, Over 60s double rinks competition.


North Wilts v Rivermead (Yetton Trophy) Home - Rink 1: June Coyle, Eirona Carpenter, Wendy Ivory & Fizz Mace beat DaphneJacobs 15-11. Rink 2: Norma Rowden, Barbara Shepheard, Viv Baskerville & Jean Collier beat Beryl Bradbrook 29-9.

Away - Rink 1: Margaret Cooke, Karen Funnell, Betty Cowe & Sue Cooke beat Pat Fowkes 23-8. Rink 2: Ann Roberts-Phare, Jane Taylor, Irene Button & Alex Jacobs beat Penny Watson 18-15.

Score: North Wilts beat Rivermead 85-43.

WILTSHIRE men made a highly successful start to the new year in their county friendly matches under the leadership of president North Wilts’ Ashley Ponting with a narrow two shots home victory over Somerset.

Despite trailing practically throughout the entire match and only winning on two of the six rinks staged at North Wilts last Sunday, the Moonrakers launched a tremendous late fightback to clinch a 134-132 victory.

Wilts were 38-27 down overall at five ends, 67-59 at 10, 98-93 after 15 ends and 119-109 adrift at 18 ends However, a superb final overall three end flourish saw them score 25 shots and only concede 13 to snatch an unlikely 134-132 success.

The victory charge was started by Martin Salter’s rink who grabbed a count of six on the 19th end and won their game 27-18.

While president Ponting led from the front grabbing a big count of seven on the 21st and last end for a 28-20 win and take Wiltshire narrowly over the finishing line against Somerset in the presidential match.


Rink 1: Gerry Vincent (North Wilts), Derek Elkins (Christie Miller), Clive Swift & Alan Small (both NW) lost to Graham Lewis 22-25. Rink 2: Peter Naish (CM), Wayne Clarke (Swindon Manor), Bob George & Richard Gainey (both NW) lost to David Harding 20-26. Rink 3: Don French, Pete Sanders (both NW), John Crowder (CM) & Ashley Ponting (pres. NW) beat Michael Campbell 28-20. Rink 4: Roy Best (Five Rivers), Nigel Curtis, Doug Perry & Maurice Byron (both NW) lost toTony Steer 18-20. Rink 5: Dave Longhurst (SM), Graham Whitfield, Peter West (both NW) & Martin Salter (Westlecot) beat Derek Emery 27-18. Rink 6: Dave Edmonds, Bob Roberts-Phare (both NW), Alan Penfold (West) & Dave Richards (CM) lost to Nick Sell 19-23.

Score: Wiltshire beat Somerset 134-132.

WILTSHIRE have made a change to the side named for the quarter-final away to Devon in the Liberty Trophy, inter-county championship.

Kevin Embling who played in the previous two wins over Oxford and Worcester is unavailable and replaced by fellow Westlecot lead Denis Holborow while skip Tom Warner (Five Rivers) is doubtful.