I THINK that our chances of doing something in the league this season are now over.

The players have let themselves, the club, the fans and myself and my management team down with the inconsistent form we’ve had over the last few months and we need to start looking to move the club forward next season.

Saturday was very disappointing. Apart from a 20-minute spell, we were poor and I think that everyone lost their individual battles bar one or two.

It’s the first time that I’ve seen my players wilt in a game, wave the white flag and roll over.

We’ve been poor for too long and there are a few fundamental issues going behind the scenes that when you add them to the melting pot, have meant that we’ve had no stability or consistency.

We’ve got to look forward now and hopefully if a few of the plans that the club has can come off by August or September, then we should be in a position to move the club forward.

Having a different keeper every week hasn’t helped and it looks like Jason Matthews will stay in goal for us for the next few weeks after Tommy Smith hurt his knuckle against Hemel last week. Kev Sawyer’s still making progress and we’re hoping he’ll be a big part of things next season.

Alex Kite picked up a bit of concussion on Saturday and Mani (Randhawa) starts his suspension this weekend.

We’ve got a tough game this weekend with Oxford coming to us because they’re on a good run and have aspirations of pushing Brackley at the top of the league.

But we know we’re still a match for any side and we have to beleive that we can get a long overdue three points. It would boost our confidence.

As I’ve said to the players, we draw a line under what’s happened.

It’s a new game and a chance to give ourselves a new lease of life.