Marcus Bignot felt that Swindon Town's 4-1 victory over Swindon Supermarine at The Webbswood Stadium represented a great start to pre-season.

Town opened their pre-season account with a comfortable win over neighbours Supermarine, although they did trail after the break courtesy of Harry Williams tucking home.

Having switched all 11 players at the break, Town roared back to make the scoreline convincing as Jake Cain and Jaxon Brown turned home along with a double for Paul Glatzel.

Bignot took the side in the absence of Mark Kennedy due to a family member being ill and was very pleased with what he saw from his new-look side at this early stage in their development.

He said: "First of all it was an opportunity for the players to get much-valued minutes and also to come off the pitch with no injuries is great, so we are delighted with the first 45 minutes for the players.

"It is still quite unfamiliar as we have only had four days of training before going into the game, so we are really pleased with the performance and the result. It has been a successful day for us all around."

Bignot felt that despite not having had long to prepare for this game, Swindon were already showing signs of what the coaching staff were trying to do.

He said: "This game was early for us, but we didn't want to cancel the fixture because the relationship with Supermarine is really important to us.

"We have only had those four days but hopefully the supporters have been able to see snippets of how we want to play on the ball and importantly how we want to be off the ball - being aggressive, on the front foot, organised, and hard to beat.

"The harder we work off the ball, the more time we will spend on it and I think we saw that today, we scored four really good goals, so hopefully the supporters are happy.

"I know that when we look back at the game we are going to be really pleased, we have worked on certain elements of the game, especially on the ball and watching it back there will be moments where we can see the work we have done.

"From a coaching point of view, when you are working on the grass and you see that work being transferred onto the pitch is really pleasing.

"What the players have taken on board in such a short space of time is really pleasing."

Jack Bycroft, Redman Evans, Ryan Delaney, Tariq Uwakwe, and Ricky Aguiar were all not involved in the match and Bignot confirmed that that was due to their fitness.

He said: "With the game being so close, for them it will just take a few days or a week before we see them.

"The group that we saw today we felt were ready from a sports science point of view and for those 22 players it was a chance to showcase their ability."