Swindon Town owner Clem Morfuni said that he was looking to give Mark Kennedy all of the tools he needed to get the club promoted.

Kennedy arrived this summer to take over from Michael Flynn as the club’s head coach and has stated that he came to the club with the aspiration of earning promotion to League One.

Morfuni said that the budget that has been decided is one that should be capable of delivering promotion this season.

He said: “We tell the budget to the head coach, Mark Kennedy, and we said that we are striving for promotion, do you think that is achievable? And he felt that it was.

“There are budgets out there where people are spending stupid money and still don’t get promoted, our goal is to get promoted and we need to give Mark all of the tools to make sure that he can get us promoted.”

Anthony Hall added: “Without specifically knowing what the other team’s budgets are, it is hard to say that we [will be amongst the top ones].

“But amongst the nine managers that we spoke to, they all said exactly the same thing: the budget is a healthy budget.

“[They all said the budget was capable of achieving promotion?] Yes.”

As part of the club’s five-year plan, by the end of the fifth year, there is the aspiration to be challenging towards the top end of League One and Morfuni spoke about the plan that was in place to try and make that into a reality.

He said: “Making sure our commercial deals are right so that we are sustainable and investing that money onto the pitch.

“Making sure that we have the right processes and procedures to find the right players and a nucleus for the team so that we are not chopping and changing, we have a nucleus that we can bring more players into.

“And creating a foundation, the stadium was part of that, buying it with the supporters gave us a concrete base for the football club, it has a home that it owns.

Anthony Hall added: “We want a proper identity and DNA of what is Swindon Town Football Club 2024 and going forward.

“That is what we need, to implement that from Year One through to Year Five, we need that DNA to start to be put in place, so the players are our players.”