Ollie Clarke said that he believes his move to Swindon Town will help to re-energise and get more out of him as a player.

The 31-year-old arrived at Swindon this summer after earning promotion from this level at Mansfield Town last season.

Having spent four years at the One Call Stadium and 11 years with Bristol Rovers, Clarke said that he believes this move will help motivate him and get more out of himself as a player.

He said: “I was keen from the moment he [Jamie Russell] rang me and gave me the rundown of what they were trying to achieve this year.

“When I spoke to the manager [Mark Kennedy], I said that I have been at Mansfield for four years and it was probably time for a new challenge to try and get another five to ten per cent out of myself and give myself a new push.

“I was ready to do it professionally and personally it was back down in the South-West and it works out at a great time as I am about to have my first child, so I was really looking forward to getting it done.”

Clarke arrives as a senior player in a small squad of largely inexperienced players and he said he feels he has the tools to perform on the pitch and also to help those around him.

He said: “We spoke about me adding leadership to the team when I was signing, I am not a massive screamer and shouter on the pitch, I just lead by example by the way that I go about my business.

“I have got my strengths, which are probably winning the ball back, and pressing, I am quite a powerful midfielder who likes to run and carry the ball.

“Then I can use my experience and my know-how at this level to help push us on, what I am trying to do in this team is be the experienced head, knowing how to control games, take games by the scruff of the neck, and drive the team forward when we need to.

“I have been fortunate to be in teams challenging at the right end of the table and having that know-how and consistency will help us stay up there.

“I have always been deemed as a winner in the way that I train and play, so hopefully I can just carry on with that and fit into the group that way.”