Swindon Town CEO Anthony Hall offered an update on the club’s development of the County Ground during an interview with The Adver.

Using money from the Nigel Eady Trust, the club and Trust STFC were able to purchase the stadium as part of a joint venture in March 2023, although as yet no agreement has been reached on a master plan.

The club must have committed to a £1 million development within three years or the council will have the option to buy back the ground.

Speaking to The Adver, Hall provided an update on where the club were in their development plans.

He said: “The first thing we need is to get to the point where the master plan is agreed, we presented that to the JV on January 1 this year, and that has then gone out to the supporter groups and we are waiting on feedback on what everyone wants to see.

“It needs work, and we are going to go through the phasing, we are looking initially at the Don Rogers Stand, so we have various different people looking at that and those proposals will be presented to the JV and once that is agreed and we have a solid proposal, then we will go through to the funding.

“Ultimately, to meet that £1 million development buyback clause, that money and funding will come from Clem Morfuni.”

With Swindon looking to present further plans to the JV at their board meeting, Hall said that he believed with their dialogue that it was in a position to progress.

In their letter around the fan meeting, Trust STFC said that they supported the club’s pursuit of additional revenue streams, although they “remain concerned and cautious” until they learn further details about the proposed development.

Hall added: “I think [The Trust will be happy with the plan] because we keep them updated all the time on when we have the different architects, structural engineers, and survey guys coming in.

“It doesn’t take five minutes to do a development, I know when the ground was purchased people expected to see the cranes the next day, but it doesn’t work like that and there is a process we have to go through.

“It is a process and a challenge, but the most important thing is that we get it right and whatever we build here will be built for the future of the football club.”