Swindon Town hosted a meeting with key supporter groups to discuss concerns about the running of the football club.

Owner Clem Morfuni returned to the country in response to the Open Letter written by Trust STFC in which they said they had lost confidence in his ownership of the club.

Morfuni and CEO Anthony Hall met with representatives from the Trust, Official Supporters Club, the Disabled Supporters Association, the Community Foundation, and sponsors to gain their insight on the running of the club.

Hall opened the meeting by acknowledging the disappointment over last season and off-pitch issues that persisted.

Following a lengthy discussion, it was also agreed that communication, on-field performance, and County Ground development plans were the key areas that required improvement. Additionally, the club highlighted steps they had made to improve these areas and also other steps that would be needed.

Clem Morfuni and Anthony Hall said: "The meeting was positive with some very frank conversations that we hope can only benefit us all in moving forward for the 24/25 season and beyond, there is much work to still do but with us all pulling in the same direction we really will be better and stronger moving forward."

It was acknowledged that particular steps needed to be made in regards to communication from the club hierarchy moving forward and there was agreement that more frequent meetings needed to happen outside of Advisory Board meetings to discuss issues at the club.

James Phipps, Vice Chair of Trust STFC, said: “We appreciate everyone coming together to discuss the concerns we expressed in the open letter.

"We note the actions committed to and we need to see those implemented. It is the start of significant further progress that still needs to be made. The Trust will continue to push for that progress for the good of everyone."

Andy Cossens and Chris Kyle of the Supporters Club added: "It is imperative that all parties collaborate in supporting the Club we love.

"The meeting was frank and honest and I believe all attendees made their points in a sensible, coherent manner.

"Good progress has been made, but we all now need to work hard in providing support / delivering these objectives, which will ultimately benefit all that is STFC.

"It is now time for the fans and supporter Groups to work together and get behind the Club to enable us to have a successful 2024/25."