Swindon Town owner Clem Morfuni spoke about the lessons that had been learned by the club after the club’s worst-ever league finish.

Swindon came 19th in League Two last season and a survey of supporters by Trust STFC displayed that there was a lack of faith in ownership amongst the fans, culminating in an Open Letter from the Trust stating that they had lost faith in Morfuni.

Speaking to The Adver, the Australian businessman spoke about the changes that the club would be looking to make to change the trajectory of the club.

He said: “We were always working on that [changes at the club] in the background anyway, I appreciate the letter [from TrustSTFC] that came through and we looked at it and we need to acknowledge that what we were doing was not good enough for the supporters.

“We have done that, we have listened to what the supporters have to say about matters on the pitch and also with our communication.

“We had a meeting with the supporters yesterday for a couple of hours and I flew over here especially for that.

“That’s how important it was for us to listen to them and act upon it, it is alright to say what we are going to do but actions speak louder than words.”

Chief executive Anthony Hall added that changes were being made to try and better deal with the concerns that supporters had with the club.

He said: “We have employed a fan engagement officer, as we recognised that our fan engagement hasn’t been good enough.

“We are looking at bringing in a marketing person as well to link everything up across the business, to improve communication across all departments, then that gets communicated a lot better into our fan base and in the local community.”

Morfuni added: “[Are you looking to add football business experience?] We have spoken to a few other people and we are looking at all options.

“I spoke with Andrew Fitton yesterday, we sat down with him for a couple of hours, which was very helpful to get an insight into what challenges he had.

“I enjoyed sitting down with him and we are going to have that open discussion and I told him to keep in touch, so we have that open dialogue where we can bounce off each other because he has been there and done that. So I thank you [Joe Acklam] for giving me his number.”