New Swindon Town head coach Mark Kennedy said that they will not be just looking at young players in the transfer market this summer.

Town have tended to favour a model of going after younger players in recent seasons, signing only one player over the age of 26 last season and only two players over 26 the season before.

However, Kennedy said that the club will not be following the same ethos this summer and would be targeting players of all ages in pursuit of making the squad better.

He said: “I think you never stop learning and developing, I remember seeing an interview with Sir Bobby Robson long after he retired when he spoke about continuing to develop.

“It is heavily geared around the younger players that only they can develop, but I think whether you are 19 or 20 or 30 or 31 you are always learning and there is always room for improvement.

“That is something I pride myself on, it is developing players on a continual basis, it just so happened that the last club I was at had a model of 23 and under and it was quite successful.

“But the flip side of that is you are only ever shopping in one shop, whereas when you start looking outside and you can buy 25- or 26-year-olds, I would rather have the pick of everyone.

“I thought that was a negative [at Lincoln] but you have to respect the model of the club, but here at Swindon we want to bring in the best players as long as they can add value to the club.

“It is about getting people who are robust and have an availability to train and play, obviously with a bit of quality alongside that.”

Head of Football Jamie Russell echoed the change in model and said that he was focused on bringing players with experience of winning to add to the group at Swindon.

He said: “We are not just going into the young market, we are fully aware of the experience that the first team needs and we know exactly where it needs to be strengthened.

“Our pitch is ‘come and get promoted’, we are looking for players to come in and really strengthen this team.

“We are looking at people who have just been promoted or have one or two promotions on their CV, that is going to be a big thing around our recruitment.”