Gavin Gunning said that his Swindon Town team were three weeks ahead of schedule in developing into his style of play.

The former Forest Green Rovers defender has been in charge of three games for Town so far as he had been given interim control until the end of the season.

Gunning has been attempting to install his style of play whilst restoring the fitness of players who arrived late in the transfer window and he said he feels it is going much faster than expected.

He said: “It is obviously a challenge and it doesn’t help when we actually play really well and we don’t win the game, that is the biggest frustration that I have had.

“If I had come in and we had been playing averagely then I would be a bit frustrated, but the only frustration that I have had is that we haven’t taken maximum points because performances have warranted that.

“The game at the weekend, bar the first 20 minutes, was absolute domination, in those first 20 minutes we didn’t quite get the right pictures but once that clicked, they didn’t know where to go.

“There is still loads to be done, I would like to adapt it into a different thing but sometimes you have got to work with the personnel that you have got.

“I did think it would take a lot longer than this to try and see the pictures that we are trying to get across, but the players have been very coachable, we are three weeks ahead of where I thought we would be.”

The 33-year-old said that his sights remained on trying to make a charge at the play-offs, with the Gillingham game having the potential to land them 12 points off the play-off places, every game is a must-win.

He said: “Usually you get a team who win like seven out of eight at the end of the season who get in the play-offs.

“I am not quite sure that it is a must-win, the performances have been good so far, but you just never know.

“I feel like we are going to go into the game and win it and that is the way I want the players to feel as well.

“Every game is a must-win, Saturday was a must-win and we didn’t win it, but it was a must-win because the position that we have unfortunately gotten ourselves into is not great.”