Former Swindon Town boss Jody Morris has said that several promises that got him to join the club were broken once he joined.

Morris spent four months as head coach at the County Ground, finishing with a 22.2%-win ratio before parting company with the club ahead of the final game of the season against Crawley Town.

The former Chelsea midfielder did an interview with the “No Tippy Tappy Football with Sam Allardyce” podcast and discussed the reasons his first venture into senior management went awry.

He said: “One thing I learned from coming out of it [Swindon] was I didn’t ask enough questions about what was going on at the club before I went in there.

“There was an owner that said quite a few things to me with the technical director when we were going in and a lot of the stuff that was said was going to happen, didn’t happen.

“The owner goes back to his country, and he is not about that much, the technical director doesn’t get on very well with the CEO, and certain things were said in the program about each other.

“Nobody wants to speak; you don’t know who you are getting the answers from.

“There were certain things that I thought were going to happen with training facilities, you do everything you can to try and make it as easy for the players as possible.

“The lads were great, but I felt that all you needed was a bit of physicality and a bit of experience because some of them were so young and we were finishing games and the average age was 21 at the end of games.

“You are wondering why you are conceding so many late goals and late set pieces and you are going well we can’t give them experience yet because for so many of them, it was the first time they had ever played first-team football and you can’t give them that experience overnight.

“I felt that I was in a good communication space with the owner, even though he was in Australia, talking about what we were going to do for next year and how he was going to support me, and then all of a sudden before the end of the season they were like ‘We are letting you go’.

“It was baffling for me because every conversation I had was geared towards next season.”