Michael Flynn was livid with the officials after Swindon Town’s 1-1 draw against Harrogate Town due to Jake Young’s late winner being disallowed.

With 87 minutes on the clock at the EnviroVent Stadium and Swindon headed for yet another game without a victory, Town won a corner and Remeao Hutton delivered a cross toward the far post.

Young went up to challenge for a header with Harrogate goalkeeper Jonathan Mitchell, the ‘keeper got up higher but fumbled his catch onto the ground, where Young used his body to create leverage against the covering defender and backheeled the ball into the empty net from close range.

However, before the striker could even begin to celebrate his 14th goal of the season, referee Jacob Miles had blown his whistle for a foul on Mitchell as the cross had come in, so Swindon were forced to settle for a single point.

Flynn, who said he would not normally criticise officials, was furious that the goal had not stood as he could not see the supposed foul having watched the incident back multiple times.

He said: “We have just had a perfectly legitimate goal disallowed, which is very frustrating and poor from the officials, but that is what happens when you are in a bit of a sticky patch, you don’t get those given.

“I have just watched it back three times, so I know exactly what I am saying on this, sometimes I will try not to comment if I am not 100 per cent, but I have just watched it back.

“He has jumped in front of the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper has dropped it and he has backheeled it in, and for some reason, it was disallowed.”

At the time, aside from a few brief complaints, the Swindon players did not protest to the referee particularly vociferously.

Harrison Minturn was also inside the six-yard box with Young when the ball came in from the corner and speaking after the match, he was equally disappointed that the decision had gone against Town.

He said: “I just watched it back and I don’t really know what the referee gave it for, obviously he has given it against us.

“It is what it is, the goal should have stood and like I have said, it would have been a well-deserved 2-1 and we would have been buzzing to come away from here with three points.”