PROSPECT Johnny Ward called out the newly crowned Southern Area champion William Webber after securing his fourth win as a professional.

The 22-year-old headlined Neilson Boxing’s latest Fight Town card at the MECA in Swindon earlier this month and only needed just over a minute and a half to secure victory.

After making a fast start, the Chippenham boxer dropped his opponent Konstantin Aleksandrov with a well-placed body-shot before catching his Bulgarian counterpart in the same spot again moments later.

Unable to recover, the referee waved off the contest which saw Ward improve his record to 4-0 with three stoppages.

During his post-fight interview, Ward, who is managed by Neilson Boxing, made his title aspirations clear and took aim at Webber who won his belt on the same evening in London.

“I had a week at home in Swindon after the fight and then I’ll go back to London with my trainer Roger,” he said.

“I got asked about Webber and I didn’t know who he was. I’ve looked him up and he doesn’t look like a bad fighter.

“Obviously congratulations to him, he’s got to be decent to have won the title but I’d like that fight next to be honest.

“I don’t think he’s in my league. He’s had one knockout in 10 fights so I won’t mind taking his belt off of him.”

Reflecting on his performance, the light-heavyweight prospect says he was happy with his display but admits he was hoping to have a more substantial run-out.

“It didn’t take me long to get the win, it’s what I expected to be honest and I knew I could have stopped him at any time.

“I didn’t even mean to do it in the first round, it just happened. I’m happy with the performance, it can be frustrating when you put a lot of effort into a camp and it ends so quickly.

“But, you don’t get paid for overtime, I wish it was a better opponent but at the minute I have to deal with what is put in front of me.”