SWINDON Town have released the squad's numbers ahead of the 2022-23 League Two season.

Town currently have a squad of 25 with numbers one to 12 all taken by first-team squad members.

Middlesbrough loanee Sol Brynn has taken the number one shirt while fellow goalkeeper Lewis Ward retains the 12 he wore on his back during last term.

Louis Reed has ditched 25 in favour of five, while Jonny Williams has swapped 20 for number eight.

Ellis Iandolo, Mathieu Baudry, and Ben Gladwin have stuck with their previous numbers - three, six, and seven, respectively. Last season's top scorer, Harry McKirdy, has opted to retain his number 11 shirt.

McKirdy's expected strike partner Tomi Adeloye has nabbed the famed number nine shirt while Ronan Darcy will wear 10 this season.

Ricky Aguiar, 17, Harry Parsons, 29, and Mo Dabre, 30, have all chosen to stick with the same number they had during the 2021-22 campaign.

Former academy prospects Harrison Minturn and George Cowmeadow will wear 31 and 32, respectively.

New defender signings Remeao Hutton and Tom Clayton have opted for two and four, while Reece Devine has chosen 18 and Town captain Angus MacDonald has continued his trend of selecting number 21.

Discussing his decision to move away from the expectation of having five or six as a centre-back, MacDonald said: "My favourite number is a five, but I actually made my league debut for Torquay United away at Crawley wearing 21.

"When I then moved on to Barnsley after Torquay I got given the number five shirt. But moving away from Torquay is where I hot those first few roadblocks.

"I then found myself at Rotherham with the 21 shirt, so I feel like that shirt has come back to me now. I'm going to stick with it from now on if I can."


Sol Brynn - 1.

Remeao Hutton - 2.

Ellis Iandolo - 3.

Tom Clayton - 4.

Louis Reed - 5.

Mathieu Baudry - 6.

Ben Gladwin - 7.

Jonny Williams - 8.

Tomi Adeloye - 9.

Ronan Darcy - 10.

Harry McKirdy - 11.

Lewis Ward - 12.

Oscar Massey - 14.

Ricky Aguiar - 17.

Reece Devine - 18.

Angus MacDonald - 21.

Saidou Khan - 23.

Jacob Wakeling - 24.

Cian Harries - 26.

Tyrese Shade - 28.

Harry Parsons - 29.

Mo Dabre - 30.

Harrison Minturn -31.

George Cowmeadow - 32.

Ciaran Brennan - 34.