SWINDON Town take on Port Vale in the first leg of the pair's League Two play-off semi-final on Sunday (12pm kick-off).

Saturday morning saw the club's usual pre-match press conference.

On top of the usual Press Conference Live blog, Adver Sport has listed every word from the section of the interview we did not initially include.

JL: You mentioned Rob Hunt and Jordan Lyden in your injury update – is there any chance they could return at some point throughout the play-offs?

BG: I don’t think anyone will. Rob Hunt, there’s maybe a very slim chance if we make the final, but none of the others. They’re going to be more focused on trying to get back as early as possible next season.

JL: Is that slightly easier for you in a way because you know the cards you’ve got to play?

BG: I think that’s always the case. There have been disappointing moments in the season where we’ve lost players through injury or suspension. You can’t get disappointed – you know you haven’t got that player available, so it’s about finding the best team to go and win the game.

We’ve had those challenges throughout the season with not having the biggest of squads due to the restrictions, so massive credit to all the squad for all of the contributions that everyone has made this season.

JL: I’d like to touch on set-piece defending. Swindon are inside the top 10 in League Two for goals conceded from set-pieces. How confident are you in your set-piece defending against a Port Vale side who often field around eight players at six foot or taller?

BG: Yeah, really confident. I think the first port of call is to minimise the number (of set-pieces) we concede. If we’re good with the ball, we attack, and we have purpose to what we do, it means we have to defend a lot less in open play and from set-pieces.

We prepare in great detail for them. We’ve done a lot of work on them already this week, we’ll do more (on Saturday). We will certainly be prepared for them. Like you say, they’re a big side, a physical team, and they pose a good threat off set-pieces – as do a number of other sides in League Two.

We’ve prepared really well, I’m very confident in the group, and they’re in a good place in terms of their mentality as well. I’m confident going into tomorrow.

JL: On the subject of physicality, how does your team go about combatting Port Vale’s physicality?

BG: We’ve got to try and impose our game and play the way we play. That’s the great thing about both legs, we’ve got a very clear way that we play and a strong identity as a group – we won’t go away from those principles. We showed in the away league game that we dominated that game with the way we played. We’ve got the ability to do that again in these games.

I think the last four games, it was like knock-out football for us, it was almost like a play-off situation in those games. We’ve shown great elements of our play; we’ve shown the attacking threat, against Forest Green we’ve had to defend with 10 men against one of the best attacking teams in the league for a long period. We showed resilience and organisation to see that out, and we’ve defended a whole host of set-pieces and balls into our box.

So we’ve shown that we can do both sides of the game, and we’re going to need that in these play-off games, without doubt.