WILTSHIRE’S Jake Bolton reflected on an unforgettable week as part of Great Britain and Ireland’s Walker Cup team.

Although GB & I fell 14-12 to the United States of America in the amateur version of the Ryder Cup last weekend, the Ogbourne Downs Golf Club member expressed his pride at what he was able to achieve alongside his teammates.

Initially a first alternate for his side, a virus that swept through both camps meant Bolton was thrown into the mix for Saturday’s foursomes competition – the format that involves alternate shots between two teammates.

An eventful final four holes saw Bolton’s pair throw away a two-point lead before wrestling it back on the 17th hole to add a vital point onto the GB & I board.

Describing his initial disappointment at what he felt was a poor decision to not name him as a starter, Bolton discussed how a strange twist of fate saw him tossed into the action.

He said: “When the team was selected, I called the captain to ask the reasoning behind me being first alternate.

“I didn’t get a reason, it was simply a case of they picked the team based on who they thought had played the most rather than a player who has performed in every big amateur event there was last year.

“That was initially disappointing to hear, especially as I’m 50th in the amateur rankings, but then the kit came through and I tried to prepare as well as I could because strange things happen.

“And weirdly, a virus ripped through both camps which meant three players weren’t well enough to play on Saturday morning. That gave me the chance to step in.”

Following notable wins at the Italian and Scottish Amateur Open, respectively, Bolton is getting ready to launch a professional career in the coming months.

And he has already turned his attention to dreams of playing on the biggest stage and representing Europe in the Ryder Cup.

He said: “I’ve always enjoyed the team environment, but the main goal for me last week was just to enjoy it whether I played or not.

“Having played, that made it a little more special coming home. Our goal was to win, but I thought the GB & I team gave it a very good go.

“To lose by two points was a really strong showing because the last time we won away was 2001 – that just shows how good a performance it was from our point of view.

“In the future, I definitely have to look at playing in Ryder Cups. But it feels like a long way away right now because I’m only just starting out.”