MARLBOROUGH Rugby Club’s Mitieli Vulikijapani has been signed by Super League side, Hull FC.

The 1st XV’s versatile winger starts pre-season training with the East Yorkshire outfit on February 8 with a view to nailing down a spot for the first game of the new campaign on March 25.

Vulikijapani, also known as Mitchi, will be fondly remembered by all at Marlborough - especially for his role in seeing the club up to Level Six following an 80th-minute solo try against Windsor a couple of seasons ago.

Recently, Marlborough has become a stepping stone for good-quality players who are wanting to further their careers. Over the last three seasons, the club has seen players move to Saracens, Richmond, Rotherham Titans and Ealing.

The club say this is “not only testament to the players themselves with their hunger for the game, their skill and dedication to improve, but also to the quality of coaches which Marlborough now boasts.

“Having the likes of Elisi Vunipola and Taufa’ ao Filise taking the helm can only help to inspire players.”

In a statement from the club, Marlborough said: “MRFC is incredibly pleased to announce that 1st XV player, Mitieli Vulikjapani (Mitchi) will be moving off to pastures new as he has signed a contract with Super League team, Hull FC, and he begins pre-season training with them next week.

“It is obvious to say that he shall be greatly missed by the rest of the lads as he has been an essential part of team as he can play out on the wing or as fullback.

“He has great speed which many of our opponents have found out to their cost when all they see is a clear pair of heels.

“Once he gets hold of the ball, a huge grin appears on his face and you know what is about to happen, he hit’s the gas and he is gone and more often than not he places the ball over the try line.

“Mitchi is also very potent in attack and is not afraid to get involved using his skill and strength to wrestle the ball away from any opposition who have not got it held tightly within their grasp.

“MRFC wishes Mitchi all the very best for his future and we shall all be following his progress with great interest and pride. He will always be made to feel very welcome if he has the opportunity to come back and visit.”