Adver sports reporter Jonathan Leighfield has his say on life at the County Ground.

Following a season which featured win after win, and dominant performance after dominant performance, promotion from League Two was always likely to see a more balanced campaign of results.

And with five league games in the books so far and the most tumultuous year any of us have ever known, that is exactly how it’s turned out - though maybe not in the way we all thought.

Once football did return to Wiltshire, two wins and three defeats in League One has caused some of us to get ever so slightly fidgety - though it is important to remember a few things.

One - we are in the midst of a global pandemic which has had a substantial effect on the football economy, of which League One clubs play just a small part.

With lower league clubs so dependant on gate receipts to fund their endeavours, altering the squad to manager Richie Wellens’ taste was always going to prove difficult.

Two - the season is still in its embryonic stages, and a frustrating defeat to AFC Wimbledon does not mean the whole season is now suddenly doomed.

And three - we have one of the best managers in the division. I’m not just saying that so he doesn’t ban me from the County Ground, I truly believe it.

Having been brought together in Swindon just a day apart in November 2018, I have been fortunate enough to be able to study the change the Town boss has brought to the County Ground since his arrival.

Not only is the team always confident in their direction no matter the result, the football has often been much more pragmatic and wins are never far away.

And with rumours of a move to Salford for Wellens hopefully fading away, we can all now hopefully turn our attention to this strange season ahead of us.

Clearly, it isn’t going to be the plain-sailing win parade it was last year, but with Town highly unlikely to be facing a relegation battle, we can hopefully take this rare opportunity to actually enjoy a mid-table finish.

The club’s health is far more important than a whimsical assault on the Championship, so if the club can’t sign a new player in order to continue maintaining good health, I say so be it.

Let’s enjoy watching our manager have his skills tested to the extremes, let’s swallow those knee-jerk comments to a defeat, and let’s stay patient in the hunt for another promotion.

Because patience is a virtue, and Swindon Town will always be there.