DERRY Hill twins, Maya and Calum Fitzgerald, have become the first brother-sister winners of the Men’s and Ladies’ Bowood Golf Club Championship in its 28-year history.

The 16-year-olds won their respective titles despite neither having picked up a golf club before 2017.

Playing off a handicap of five, Maya was the youngest competing in the Ladies’ challenge while Calum - with a handicap of three - was one of the youngest in the Men’s championship, held at the PGA accredited golf course at Bowood over the last weekend in September.

The twins’ triumphs are all the more impressive with Calum having taken up the game just three years ago after seeing it on TV and deciding to try his hand. While Maya only started playing two years ago after deciding to tag along to her brother’s lessons.

Reflecting on her Ladies’ title, Maya said: “It’s great to win such an important and historic vase at a club that’s as recognised as Bowood.

“Every round of golf is different and I enjoy practising the many different aspects of the game, both mental and within the swing.”

Calum equally regards the recent Bowood championship as a prestigious event and said: “I never expected to win as the standard of the golf club’s members is so high.

“It’s the continuous challenge of trying to get better that I particularly enjoy, as well as discovering how the game can be played in so many different ways.”

Both regular visitors to the Adventure Playground at Bowood House & Gardens, the twins have enjoyed being outside and active from a young age.

Lockdown inevitably meant they had to spend several months away from the course, however. Something that was tough on both.

“I really did miss it,” said Calum. “Particularly as we would walk pass it every day as we took our allowed exercise.”

Maya added: “I missed having the chance to see how the shots would have come together out there.”