CAMERON McGilp says there is every chance Ultimate Quaran-Team Cup conqueror Bruce Grannec will “absolutely batter” someone before the tournament is up.

The 22-year-old was chosen by Swindon Town to represent them in the Fifa 20 tournament, organised by League Two rivals Leyton Orient following the postponement of the more traditional form of the game for coronavirus.

Since its launch the event has blown up, as 128 clubs joined up, providing their fans ample opportunity to tune in to livestreams and donate thousands for charity.

In the first round McGilp faced one of the biggest challenges of all against three-time world champion and former pro Bruce Grannec, representing French Ligue 1 side FC Nantes.

But McGilp boasts some pedigree of his own with the bestselling game and it took a replay for Grannec to win through 2-1 – though the Town midfielder wasn’t without his own chances in front of an audience of over 700.

“It was quite an even contest,” McGilp told the Adver. “On my day I could have and would have got the win.

“I’ve had a big chance at the end of the first game and missed a penalty in the second to make it 2-2.

“So I was a bit disappointed, but at the end of the day there’s a reason why he’s a three-time World Cup winner.

“The fact that I was able to play against him and put him under a fair bit of pressure, especially in the second half of the second game, I was really happy with that.”

McGilp – currently playing his football on loan at National League South Hungerford Town – has little doubt Grannec will be featuring at the business end of the tournament.

He will next face Newcastle United, represented by E-Premier League finalist Jake Shaw, better know by the moniker ‘Planet Toast’ among the Fifa community.

“The people that have watched, they realise how good he is and how good the standard was,” McGilp said.

“It will take him probably playing against another footballer and absolutely battering them, which I think he will because he’s really, really good, to show how well I did.

“But I’ll be quite surprised if he doesn’t go very deep in the tournament.

The former Birmingham City man added: “He’s not a pro anymore, as Nantes were keen to point out, but he’s still got a huge amount of pedigree.

“I’ve played pro players and he’s still very much up there, probably better than most of the pros I’ve played this year.

“It gave me a bit of confidence that I am actually in a position where if I needed to, I could probably take it a bit more seriously and turn professional in it.”

Despite his elimination, McGilp will continue putting games on for fans while Town training remains cancelled.

“I might stream something this weekend,” he said.

“I’m hoping to do a challenge in the FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) Champions Cup. If people have any suggestions they can message me on Twitter.”