WARMINSTER Town boss Andy Crabtree feels the FA’s decision to deny the Western League a week’s extension to the season sums up their attitude towards non-league clubs.

Given the rash of postponements following the storms of the last two months, clubs across the two division are having to figure a backlog into their plans.

As a result, last week the Toolstation League applied to the governing body to extend the campaign by an extra week, only to be denied. That is a decision they are appealing.

The reaction largely been one of disgust from clubs, players and fans, but Crabtree is not surprised by the FA ruling.

“It sums them up to be fair,” he said. “Clubs pay a lot of money to upgrade their facilities on FA say so and they go through a lot of hard work to do that.

“When they want something back off the FA, they just turn their backs on them and I think it’s pretty poor really.

“The weather’s been extreme and it’s not the clubs’ fault games haven’t been played.

“Maybe the league fixtures do need looking at in the early part of the season and I agree.

“I thought at the time it seemed a little bit silly we weren’t playing midweek games, but nobody could have foreseen the extreme weather we were going to get.

“You can’t really blame anybody for that. But I just thought it’s typical of the FA to be unsympathetic.”

Crabtree’s Warminster have 14 games to go in the league, plus a midweek venture to Tavistock for an already postponed Les Phillips Cup semi-final.

“We’ve signed on a few, we’ve got a reasonably tight squad to be fair,” he said.

“We do our best, we give it a shot and see how it goes. We can’t do any more than what’s possible.

“Everybody’s in the same boat, the injuries come thick and fast, we all know that.”

Crabtree added: “We’re still in the League Cup believe it or not. We’ve still got to go down to Tavistock on a midweek which I find unbelievable when guys in this division, we don’t pay players and I think it’s a lot asking players to finish work at two o’clock.

“The game’s already been postponed once and we’ve got to go down there and play midweek again. I think it’s a lot to ask of people.”

Last Saturday saw Warminster fall to a 2-0 defeat to second-placed Sherborne Town.

Elsewhere in the First Division on Saturday, league leaders Calne Town won 3-2 at Bishop Sutton.

Stuart Windsor gave the Lilywhites a lead that Nathan Davis doubled before the break. Sub Jamal Chevelleau added a third in the final minute.