Buzzing off his teammates victories has helped Swindon Town midfielder Keshi Anderson through his injury troubles.

The 24-year-old featured in his first game since late December with a 20-minute cameo at the end of Town’s Tuesday night win over Scunthorpe United.

He also spent six weeks out across November and early December in what has been an incredibly frustrating season.

But cheerleading while the rest of the squad drive on their promotion bid has meant Anderson has also been able to keep his spirits up, as well as pushing him to do better upon his return.

“This year especially has been very tough in regards to the injuries,” he said. “Seeing the boys doing well has helped because from the sidelines I’m there pushing them on and hoping they’re in the best position so when I do come back it’s even harder for me to push back in.

“Then that gives me that little bit more of a fight so when I do get back in it makes me want to play better.

“Seeing everyone performing the way they have is good and it keeps you in a mental state where you’re not as down as you would be because you buzz off their victories and successes.”

A lack of time on the pitch pre-season before being thrown into the fires of the campaign was a recipe for trouble for Anderson.

When he did come back from his first injury in mid-December, a stretch of four games in 16 days set the midfielder back once again.

“From the start I didn’t get many minutes throughout pre-season, then coming into the season I played a lot straight off the back of it,” Anderson explained.

“A lot of it came down to fatigue and over-stressing the body. We’ve tried to manage it as best as possible, ice baths and whatnot to keep ready for all the games.

“Unfortunately my left hammy went and then coming back into it when I did there was a rush of games back-to-back.

“I was probably overcompensating again with a little bit of fatigue. Even the Christmas period we get a lot of games in the space of 16 days.

“We have good squad depth, but that time there’s a lot of games it’s hard to manage as many things as you’d like.

“I’ve had a long time now to get everything back in order strength and fitness wise and I feel good. Hopefully I can stay fit till the end of the season.”

But Anderson made a triumphant return as Town saw off Scunthorpe in midweek to pull further clear at the top of the League Two table.

“It was good to get 20 minutes on Tuesday,” Anderson said. “Obviously the win was the most important part.

“It was the first time I’ve featured this year so at the end of the game I had a little smile to myself because I was just happy to be back out there.

“Hopefully I can finish through strong to the rest of the season, get some goals and help the boys win promotion.”