WESTBURY boxer Megan Redstall will make history on Saturday April 18 in Swindon when she makes her professional boxing debut at Fight Town IV.

Megan, 19, is the first professional female boxer to come out of West Wiltshire and is set to take to the canvas for the first time since being granted her professional boxing licence last year.

The Westbury teen trains out of the Contender Gym in Melksham under trainer and manager Mark Kent.

Kent believes that Megan is a role model for young female athletes, not only in boxing but in any sport where you can break down social barriers.

Megan, whose boxing nickname is ‘Lashes’, wants to disprove several misguided theories surrounding female boxers.

She said: “Being a boxer doesn’t make me manly, I still get my hair, nails and eye lashes done hence my fight name Megan ‘Lashes’ Redstall.”

Megan also helps out at the Contender Gym on a Saturday morning with their Out Box Bullying programme.

She said: “This is an amazing programme for those with confidence issues or victims of bullying.

“I’ve seen children of all ages develop skills and confidence to the point one young lad now trains alongside the pros in the gym.

“It’s very rewarding for all of the boxers at the gym.”