FANS will continue to vote with their feet if SGB Premiership promoters opt to water down the country’s top flight at this week’s British Speedway Promoters’ Association (BSPA) AGM, according to Swindon Robins team manager Alun Rossiter.

Members of management and promoters from the Premiership’s seven top-tier teams will head to Coventry on Wednesday for the first of three days of meetings where the league’s 2020 rules and regulations will be confirmed.

Rossiter, in company with Swindon owner Terry Russell and co-promoter Lee Kilby, has made no secret of his intention to convince the Robins’ six Premiership rivals to increase the division’s current points limit – which stands at 42.5.

The 54-year-old has long called for fellow promoters to end ‘austerity’ in the Premiership by allowing clubs to build seven-man teams that match the points limit of the league’s defending champions.

Should promoters choose to freeze the Premiership’s points limit, Rossiter will be left with no option but to decimate his current seven and re-build Swindon’s entire squad.

But the Robins chief sympathised most with King’s Lynn Stars, who will also be forced to weaken their squad if the points limit remains at 42.5 – that’s despite the Stars finishing one from bottom in this season’s Premiership table.

Rossiter said: “I’m not saying this because we’re champions, and this isn’t me being selfish.

“But the sport needs to be big and bold, and take the opportunity (by increasing the points limit).

“King’s Lynn finished last but one this season, but even they will have to decimate their team if we do not increase the points limit – where is the sense in that?

“We’ll get opposition to our proposals – you get it whatever you put forward. And it’s frustrating.”

Rossiter will also call for change to be made with regards to the division’s fixture structure.

In the season just finished, Swindon fans had to wait two weeks or more on six occasions for a meeting.

Furthermore, between the club’s final regular Premiership fixture and the end-of-season play-offs, only one meeting – the Supporters’ Cup final – took place at the Abbey in a 42-day period.

After club owner Russell revealed to the Adver last month that he may walk away from the sport unless radical change is implemented, Rossiter underlined the importance of the coming days.

Rossiter said: “We don’t want these prolonged fixture gaps to appear only for two meetings to take place in one day – it can be financial suicide.

“There are riders that want to come back to England next season, I’ve had contact from some.

“But we’re in a position where we could lose a top rider in Troy Batchelor – a person that has been loyal to Swindon speedway – because of his average. It makes no sense.”