IT’S the million-dollar question that all Swindon Robins fans want to know the answer to, will chairman Terry Russell remain at the club for the 2020 season?

The truth is, not even Russell knows at this moment in time.

But come the end of next month’s British Speedway Promoters’ Association (BSPA) AGM, the Robins chief will have a greater understanding with regards to his future at the club.

The 69-year-old, currently at home recovering from a fall which required an operation, has made no secret of his slight loss of independence.

None the less, he remains passionate as ever and wants Swindon to regain the title they so impressively won in front of thousands at the Abbey Stadium on Thursday night.

But that passion could dwindle if Premiership promoters opt to retain rules that would ultimately prevent Swindon from keeping star riders Jason Doyle and Troy Batchelor in the team.

Russell will make it clear to the BSPA next month that he wants to employ all seven of his current riders next season.

Objections to that proposal could see the Robins chairman reluctantly end his exceptional reign as club chairman.

He added: “I’ve always said I want to see the new stadium be achieved before I leave.

“I have all the enthusiasm I’ve always had. But I’ve had these life changing problems that have put question marks over where I go and what I do with my future.

“I’m 70 next year, I really can’t see myself going much beyond that.

“I will see what happens in November (at the AGM). I don’t fancy having my team stripped from me like two seasons ago when we lost Jason Doyle.

“We finished fifth in the league – and we struggled financially. It was like we were punished for winning.

“We’ve bounced back, and had a few good bank holiday meetings this year. The play-offs helped too – not the semi-final, the semi-final was an average gate. The final was big, it helped pay bills.

“I’m not sure I’ve got enough in me to have that fight again if my team is going to be stripped for no good reason.

“One hopes the winter will be kind enough for me to carry on, and that my recovery gets better.

“But, at some point, I will need replacing with someone hopefully as enthusiastic and more local who can support the club.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

Regardless of Russell’s decision, the Robins chairman assured fans that the outcome of the AGM won’t impact the club’s future.

But he stated his belief that it is unfair on teams to be punished as a direct result of their on-track success – that includes Poole in 2017 and Wolves’ Elite League win in 2016.

It must be remembered, of course, that Swindon have been beaten by all Premiership teams this season - highlighting the division's competitive nature despite the grand final's clear gap in quality.

In addition, Russell rubbished some fans’ claims that the gap in quality between Premiership teams and Championships clubs is narrowing.

He added: “Let me tell fans this, whichever team wins the Championship this weekend – send them down to the Abbey and let’s see how capable they are.

“We’d wipe the floor with them.

“The outcome of the AGM won’t have an impact on the club, but it might have an impact on my involvement.

“It’s unfair if we’re penalised for winning the league.

“I understand I have to have teams to race against, so therefore all teams must sign up to the same arrangement.

“Promoters can come and look at my books any time they like. I’ll show them our bank statements – I’ve got nothing to hide.

“I run my team in a stable way. One promoter that was interested in joining our league met up with Steve Park (director) and was shown our books.

“He was quite surprised that we were running the club on a sensible basis.

“I know we all want to win. But if you choose to be in a lower league, then operate at lower league levels.

“Otherwise, get up there and mix it with us big boys.”