SWINDON Robins booked their spot in the SGB Premiership Grand Final courtesy of a ruthless semi-final second-leg performance over Wolverhampton Wolves.

Leading 49-39 from Wednesday’s first leg at Monmore Green, the Robins wasted no time in asserting their dominance and posted four 5-1 heat advantages in the opening six heats.

Three more maximums followed as Swindon recorded a 107-71 aggregate victory thanks to their 58-32 success on the night.

Skipper Jason Doyle made a belter in the first for the second night in a row to take the win while Adam Ellis cut underneath Wolves’ Kyle Howarth on the opening bend to join the Australian at the front.

A lightning start from Claus Vissing in the second maintained the Robins’ four-point lead in a shared heat before the early dominance resumed in the third.

Tobiasz Musielak – who enjoyed an excellent night in the first leg – continued that form at the Abbey, as he hit the front from the inside before being joined by Rasmus Jensen moments later.

There looked to be a tasty battle brewing between Nick Morris and Jensen down the back straight, however, engine problems for the former Robin gave the current Robin a simple shot at second.

The fourth heat had a bit of everything, but it still ended in another 5-1 for the home team.

Troy Batchelor initially shut the door on Jacob Thorsell down the back straight to take the lead before Vissing, who was in third, took advantage of a small mistake by the Wolves man a lap later to maintain his own paid maximum.

Jensen produced a bit of Danish magic in the fifth to take his first heat victory of the night – blasting out of gate four, the fan favourite found himself at the back before spotting a small gap to post himself through entering the back straight.

Having taken the lead, neither Wolves man was catching Jensen from there.

Swindon scooped their fourth 5-1 in the opening six heats in the next after Doyle and Ellis dropped the clutch half a second quicker than their Wolves counterparts to storm away to victory.

Heat seven saw one of the battles of the night as Rory Schlein attempted to use all of his experience and know-how to hold Batchelor for a maiden Wolves win of the night.

The visiting skipper held the lead for three laps before one wide line at the start of the final lap proved costly and Batchelor nipped down the inside to steal a 4-2 for Swindon.

Wolves gave their travelling supporters something to shout about in heats eight and nine however, securing back-to-back 4-2 advantages – Kyle Howarth became the first visiting rider to take a heat win in the process.

Yet, heat 10 saw the dominance continue and the Robins booked their Grand Final place with five heats still to go.

Doyle and Ellis recorded their third 5-1 of the night with relative ease, which put the Robins 28 points ahead on the night and secured their team’s spot in the SGB Premiership Grand Final against Ipswich Witches.

After a small fist pump of celebration from team manager Alun Rossiter, Swindon were sent out to finish the job and they did just that in the remainder of the meeting.

Heat 11 saw Batchelor zip out of gate one and hug the inside to run away with the lead while Ellis Perks tried everything to pass Masters in third, but to no avail.

Musielak and Vissing both swooped out of the gate together in the 12th – to record Swindon’s 6th 5-1 of the night – and opted for four laps of seamless team riding before the Pole was awarded the race on the line by a nose.

Heat 13 saw the 5-1 count increase once again, courtesy of another perfect race from the Robins' deadly Australian duo.

From the gate, Doyle opted for the wider line while Batchelor hugged the inside to claim another perfect outing.

In the penultimate race of the night. Jensen took the spoils by some margin ahead of two visiting riders for a shared race.

And in the final race of the night, the impressive Kyle Howarth would take victory from Batchelor as he used an array of defensive moves to deny the home rider a paid maximum for the night.

Yet, it was Batchelor who would have the last laugh as Swindon booked their spot in the Grand Final for the second time in three seasons.