MAE Allen led the way for Devizes Canoe Club at the Super September Open British Canoeing Sprint Racing Regatta in Nottingham.

The event also consisted of the Inter-Services Championship and Open and National Senior and U23s and Junior Sprint Championship Regatta, as well as The British Open Wavehopper Classic and Sprint.

Allen won gold for Devizes in the Wavehopper Classic as well as the Wavehopper Sprint.

There was also victory for Mollie Ball in K4 500m, and she added silver in K2 200m and bronze in both K2 500m and K1 500m.

Daisie Ball won silvers in both U12s K1 and U12s Lightning.

Juliet Fooks earned a silver medal in K4 500m and Flossie Ball claimed bronze in K1 500m.