SWINDON Robins team manager Alun Rossiter says his new reserve recruit must make “a contribution to the team”.

Rossiter is in the midst of making a third change to his roster less than two months into the 2019 season following Zach Wajtknecht’s decision to stand down for the rest of the year.

Wajtkencht’s fellow reserve James Shanes and number two David Lampart were previously dropped by Rossiter in May, they were replaced by Ellis Perks and Rasmus Jensen respectively.

Sizeable scores from Swindon’s number six and seven riders have been hard to come by this season, so Rossiter is eager to see an increased points return at the bottom of his order.

The Robins intend to field a guest at reserve for Thursday’s SGB Premiership meeting at home to King’s Lynn Stars to give Rossiter extra time to find the right man to fill the gap on a permanent basis.

“We have got to make sure we get the right person in,” said Rossiter.

“We just need a contribution from them, to be quite honest. That’s all we are looking for.

“We need someone who can come in at reserve and get us five or six points a meeting. There is potential for that.

“We are not expecting someone to come in and score nine or 10 points in every meeting, we just need someone to contribute to the team.

“We have got to make sure we get the right person in who has the potential to improve themselves and improve our team as well.”

Rossiter says it will not just be a prospective rider’s ability that will be judged, but also their on-track equipment as those crucial marginal gains can make all the difference.

“They have got to make sure their equipment is right – Zach’s equipment was always excellent, you could never fault that,” said Rossiter.

“It needs to be someone whose equipment is up to standard of the Premiership. Sometimes you see riders who have potential but are let down by their equipment.

“I understand that not everyone has a load of money to spend.

“But people who cut corners get found out very quickly nowadays with how professional riders are.”