WILTSHIRE County Women’s Indoor Bowling Association staged a charity match at North Wilts IBC, Chippenham just prior to Christmas.

It was organised by county ladies president Fizz Mace and county ladies secretary Ann Roberts-Phare.

The first-ever county ladies charity gala proved to be a resounding success and raised £606.50 for their two charities, Wiltshire Air Ambulance and Alzheimer’s Support Devizes.

The money raised came from hosts North Wilts generously waiving all rink fees for the match, plus raffles, a couple of auctions and donations.

Sixteen teams of four took part in the charity event.

They were drawn into two groups of eight each playing seven ends in an hour, then sitting out on the sidelines for an hour.

In each of the games one point was awarded for each end won and five per win and three for a draw.

Immediately before play commenced everyone played a spider, which produced a really quirky result.

Nearest the spider won a bottle of wine - Ellen Stiles; nearest the jack - Ellen’s granddaughter Ellise who won a large box of Maltesers and her younger sister little Eloise was third and was given the spider to keep!

The gala was won by the team of Ellise Ambridge, Nicky Sage, Marguerite Alexander and Bev Lilley while the the booby prize was awarded to a team of ladies from Stratton Churchway who actually did a lot better, but unfortunately they entered their score results on the wrong side of their scorecard!

County ladies indoor president North Wilts’ Fizz Mace said: “It was our very first charity game and we were blown away with the support and success of the day.

“This event was an entirely new idea that county secretary Ann Roberts-Phare and I wanted to run and I believe its success will ensure it becomes an annual fixture.

“A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the day, that’s everyone."