LAST SATURDAY was a disappointment for us.

Swindon and Peterborough are the two leaders in the league this year and it will be close towards the end of the year, so we need to be beating them in our head-to-heads and unfortunately, we didn’t do that last Saturday.

We are a little bit short at the moment, but I don’t think that’s an excuse to put in the performance we did. We let ourselves down on Saturday, but we made up for it on Sunday with an easy win against Streatham.

Looking forward to this weekend, I’m really excited for my 500th game. I actually didn’t know until Monday. I didn’t think I was that close but one of our media guys, Ben Callaghan, informed me.

It’s obviously a massive honour to be able to play for such a wonderful club for so many years in so many games and I’m really pleased I’ve been able to get to this milestone.

Max Birbraer played his 1000th game recently and he marked that with an amazing weekend. He scored three goals in the first period in Streatham and really set the tone for us.

Max has been leading the way recently so that’s massive for us and for him to get 1000 games is an achievement which I don’t think many people have ever made.

I’d love to do something similar. A hat-trick in both games would be perfect but I’d take a four-point weekend and two wins, that’d be great. I’d take that over any personal points.

I have so many memories from my 500 games. Firstly, playing with so many amazing people and having the honour to play alongside so many amazing players and having made so many friends from it. Steve Nell and his family putting up with me for so long is a good memory too so I’d like to thank them for that.

My biggest memory is the cup wins last year, the Autumn Cup especially because I know it was the first one, it was very meaningful, and it was so big for the club and the National Cup too. The two trophies last year really motivated me to win more and make a difference to the team.

We’ve never been so motivated as a group and we want to get that feeling back again.

I love it down in Swindon and I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else, so hopefully I’ll have another 500 to look forward to.