WILTSHIRE U18s clinched the Channel League title after a fierce battle with runners-up Glamorgan at Broome Manor Golf Club on Saturday.

The hosts, led by manager Ian Welding and assistant Neil Black, had struggled to get a squad together for the day, borrowing from the U16 Elite squad and then losing another player the day before the match.

Macklin Hawkins from the U12s squad stepped up as the match took place in 40mph winds and lashing rain.

Guy Drayton and Harry Moule claimed the first point as the morning fourballs were drawn 2.5-2.5.

Up in five and down in five matches at one point in the singles, the first seven Wiltshire players went on to win their matches, with one halved and just two defeats, Wiltshire clinching a 10-5 win to land the Channel League crown.

Wiltshire squad: Guy Drayton (Wrag Barn), Harry Moule (Tidworth), James Black (Erlestoke), Connor Askey (Bowood), Freddie Titcombe (Broome Manor), Kyle Campbell (Wrag Barn), Tom Scullion (Upavon), Dom Samra (Manor House), Ben Mazzotta (The Wiltshire) and young Macklin Hawkins (Broome Manor).