IT seems we have another certainty to life, death and paying taxes - Swindon Town losing at home.

Town’s winless run stretched to seven games in all competitions - and six wins in their last 27 games since April - at home to Peterborough on Saturday Manager Mark Cooper should shoulder the majority of the blame, but he is far from the only guilty party.

Cooper simply hasn’t moulded this side together, but that’s understandable when over the last few weeks he’s been without up to 10 first-team players due to injury, suspensions or international call-ups.

Lee Power has done a superb job overall in his recruitment of players - and made the club a tidy profit off a few names - but this season he hasn’t bought as well as in previous years.

Not adequately replacing Nathan Byrne has been a huge problem this season.

One of the signings Power has been criticised for is 20-year-old midfielder Jordan Stewart, who reportedly hasn’t settled into life in England and has been desperately homesick since his arrival from Northern Ireland.

I’ve heard many people scoff at the idea of a professional footballer not being able to deal with homesickness, but he is far from the first in the game. Carlos Tevez, Ian Rush, Jimmy Greaves, Didier Drogba and Jesus Navas have all suffered.

In 2006, current Manchester City midfielder Navas was on the brink of signing a multi-million pound deal to join Chelsea from Seville, but it fell through because of his homesickness.

Now it is said he has overcome it through counselling.

There is another case that might hit home more for Jordan, that of the late great George Best.

Just 24 hours after arriving at Old Trafford, Best was back on the doorstep of his family home in Belfast and telling his father he was too homesick.

Mental health issues are taken too lightly in all walks of life, but especially in the cut-throat world of football.

You are just expected to cope.

We saw progress as Jordan returned to Swindon and scored the only goal in a development game against Bristol Rovers on Tuesday, so let’s fully support the young man.