IN A season that has shocked and surprised many fans, Swindon has once again delivered the unthinkable, a comfortable win live on the box.

Monday night’s encounter with Coventry City resembled a training sessions at times, as Town easily beat a poor Sky Blues 3-0 at the Ricoh Arena.

Just as things are looking picture perfect at the County Ground, we hear the news that Swindon Town has banned the Swindon Advertiser from press conferences and post match interviews.

Firstly, I want to say that like every other Town fan, I’m surprised and pleased at the great job Lee Power has done at Swindon Town. Not one Town fan would have told you in July last year that in mid January we would be top of the table.

But no success in the Football League or cup competition will ever replace the ability to have a full and functioning local press covering Swindon Town.

It seems Mr. Power has banned the Advertiser because of four or five articles that he didn’t appreciate.

This move will of course damage the Adver’s ability to report on Town, but the biggest party to suffer from this pointless ban will be the club itself.

It’s astonishing that in 2015 a football club owner has taken the stance of ‘write what we want, or we won’t let you in’ especially in these times.

For months and months the chairman has complained that not enough fans have taken up the opportunity to watch the club storm League One.

I totally agree, everyone should be clambering over each other to witness the miracle taking place at SN1.

But how is banning a local newspaper who covers every aspect of Swindon Town, (and has done since the clubs foundation), going to help people in Swindon hear about the great work done by Mark Cooper?

Apart from the BBC, the other media outlets covering Town are all online based. The Adver is the only daily print dedicated to the club and thousands of people still receive their news by reading the newspaper.

The Swindon Advertiser and Lee Power both want the same thing, Swindon Town to be a successful football club.

By banning the local paper Mr. Power is only harming the club he owns and wants to make successful, it makes zero sense for everyone involved.