During the winter you can expect that the wind will be a little stronger than normal and you may have to adapt your technique and strategy to cope with this.

‘When it’s breezy. Swing it easy’ – no truer a word said when it comes to playing shots in to the wind.

It’s an old saying but the reason it is so true is that a an ‘easier’ swing is one that is slower and keeping the club the same.

A slower swing will impart less spin on the ball helping it travel through the wind better.

When the ball spins into the wind, it rises up and can drop shorter than its normal distance.

To reduce the spin of the ball and hit it lower into the wind you will need to take one or two clubs more than normal.

Play the ball more central in the stance.

When you make the swing you will to need reduce the amount of wrist hinge so make a three-quarter swing in the back swing and the follow through.

This will help the ball keep low.