Now that winter golf is upon us, you will need to make a few changes to your preparation for the next time you venture out on to the golf course.


It is likely to rain and perhaps be cold so invest in a pair of winter gloves.

Most good glove manufacturers make them and, while being warm, the gloves also give you good feel for play. Some designs help you with grip, even when it is raining.


Most manufacturers make shoes with a waterproof guarantee. It is advisable to make sure your next pair are waterproof if you are planning to play over the winter.

Prepare To keep out the cold wear thin layers to keep out the wind, along with maintaining a level of mobility.

Bulky clothes, while warm, can impede your swing. Maybe pack a pair of mitts and a hat in the bag.

Carry and Roll

MOST courses will be a lot wetter than normal so they will play a lot differently.

When clubbing into the green, allow for no roll and maybe take one club more, with the ball not travelling as far in the colder weather.

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