If you are currently spending more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff,then the following tip is for you.

The key to great bunker play is to hit the sand instead of the ball. To do this you need to make the low point of the swing to the right of the ball by about 2 inches.

Firstly draw a line in the bunker about six feet long, place a ball at the far end of the line about two inches target side of the line.

Next, start at the other end and make practice swings hitting the line.

Slowly walk up the line trying to hit the line with the club creating a divot around six inches long towards the target.

When you arrive at the ball make the same swing focussing your eyes on the line behind the ball.

A great swing thought for this shot is to try and get the sand onto the green.

To help you further with your bunker play take this extra tip.

Draw a rectangle around the outside of the ball.

One end of the rectangle should be two inches behind the ball with the rectangle extending four inches towards the target.

Now when you are playing the shot, try and explode the contents of the rectangle and the ball on the green.

Focus on hitting the sand and ball forwards onto the green.

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