IT will be an emotional and nerve-tingling ‘homecoming’ for David Bishop when he strides out with the Scotland team to the backdrop of the Hampden Park roar next month.

While Bishop is very much a modern day international athlete – splitting his time between his home in Chippenham, Cardiff to see his coach and his American base at Albuquerque – Glasgow has a strong pull which ensures that his first major senior international championships will be a particularly memorable one.

“There was never any doubt in my mind that I would represent Scotland as my family has a strong Scottish history,” said Bishop.

“My mum (Helen) was actually born in Glasgow while my dad’s mother is also from Scotland.

“My grandparents still live in Scotland and Glasgow is where my mum and dad (John) first met.

“They are very excited. I do a lot of my racing in California, which means they don’t get to see me race very often, so they’ve got their tickets and it should be great.

“I am also a big supporter of Glasgow Rangers and have been to watch the team at the stadium a few times over the years so it will be great to be there.

“I will be very proud when I go to the opening ceremony in my kilt. It should be a great occasion and a lot of fun.”

Bishop’s selection to join Chris O’Hare and youngster Jake Weightman to run the men’s 1500m is easily the highlight of his career to date.

Previously the 27-year-old’s best achievements were representing Britain at the 2011 World Student Championships in Beijing and then making his GB senior debut over 3000m in the European Team Cup last year.

He said: “I would say this my first major championships and I am really looking forward to it especially as it is a multi-sports event so we will get a chance to watch a lot of other great athletes in action.”

But that treat will only come once he has completed his own business on the track because, having earned his place in the team, Bishop now wants to do himself, his family and his country proud.

“I think the 1500m will be a tough event,” said Bishop.

“At the top end you will have guys from Africa, Australia and New Zealand who are Olympic class but on the other hand you will have runners who won’t be anywhere near as quick.

“I think the middle ground is attainable and for me the first target will be to make the final and then we will see what happens.”